🗓 Saturday, November 12
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Shuffle Workshop (Evolve)  by Marktore


This class is designed to open your mind to dance. We will go through all the areas of dance and we will understand how to create variations and combinations.


We will work on how to dance with groove and armwork together with our footwork. We will do some armwork exercises and tools to improve. I know it sounds new to some but it will help you level up your dance and see it differently.


In addition, we are going to make a mini-choreo applying some things that we have learned during the class and to be able to internalize it better.

It is a class for ALL levels, there are things that only require creativity and not experience, then the class goes up in difficulty but it is a class to help you expand your knowledge, style, confidence and strengthen your weak points…


The only requirement is that you are ready to have a good time learning, dancing, sharing and hanging out 🙂



Cancellation Policy:

Things come up and sometimes you just can’t do it! Space is limited, so beware of limited availability. Tickets will not be refunded within 48 hours of the scheduled event.



Please be sure to contact info@marktore.com if you are unable to attend and we will do our best to accommodate you!