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Clases de Shuffle Dance en Barcelona
Todos los niveles Begginner/Principiante Intermedio/Intermediate y Avanzado/Advanzed.

Clases Particulares de Shuffle Dance para Professores y Alumnos.


Curso Online de Shuffle Dance
Beginner Intermedio y Avanzado

Fecha de Lanzamiento: ??/??/2023

Tour Europa

Dates & Schuelde of the European Tour

Watch all Dates for Countries and Cities that i'm gonna visit on The Tour, for the Masterclasses.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Oscar Cabero Ramos (As Know as Xhufflis)

I am a Dancer since 12 Years, and 9 as a Teacher. My type of dance is know as Shuffle Dance.

As a Teacher my motivation is to bring my CREATIVITY IDEAS to life through exercises. I develop diferent types of Shuffle Masterclass, to help TEACHERS and STUDENTS communicate their vision and understand the dance for later they can achive to build a personal style.

Also i'm a Judge for Internacional Tournaments, been part of the jury in a number of tournaments worldwide. And doing Sudamerica Tours and Europe Tours.

And finally i'm the Founder & Director of Shuffle Showcase Network, a worlwide entity connecting Shuffle Communities and Brands around the globe. Achieved this by connecting people under a common project, creating unique content, organising Tournaments, Teaching and Helpling all the communities.